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Are you aware that over twenty percent of online shoppers admit that one of the reasons why they abandon their carts halfway through their shopping experience is because of bad website design and poor navigation? If your e-commerce website is consistently getting a high abandonment rate or better yet if you are getting sales that are few and far between then perhaps it’s about time you rethink your e-commerce website design.

And another thing, today’s shoppers are already accustomed to the shopping style of eBay or Amazon and they are now starting to look for websites that offer the same convenience and hassle-free shopping as with these sites. It’s safe to say that if your e-commerce site is a far cry from these favorite digital marketplaces then it’s likely they’ll abandon your site to move to a more convenient site that will give them a stress-free and memorable shopping experience.

If you are not contented with your sales and how your e-commerce business is doing then perhaps you should consider hiring a company that offers e-commerce website design services to improve the layout and functionality of your website so you can give your customers a unique shopping experience they’ll never forget. Lucky for you, Web Design Brisbane specialises in e-commerce website design. We develop and design e-commerce websites that will drive engagement and inevitable lead to a high conversion rate where visitors become paying customers. We will ensure that soon as they visit your site they will do any of the following: check out and pay for your products or service, refer you to their friends or they’ll revisit your site for another purchase.  When customers are incessantly coming back then it means you’re doing something right. At Web Design Brisbane, we make sure of this once you become our client. We will guarantee you that every product and service will be marketed effectively through your website.

Our team of web designers is competent, efficient and fully qualified to design your site in a distinct way that will yield positive results for your business.